Engage the Bible

Thursday, October 21, 2021 @ 6:30 PM
Cedar Falls Campus | The Loft

Registration closed on Sunday, Oct 17


This group meets for 4 weeks.

“Hey! Just read your Bible!”

“If you only read your Bible you would know all the answers to life’s problems!”

“You need to read your Bible more if you want a good life!!”

We know it is important to engage the Bible, but how? Where do I even start? And why, when I try to read the Bible, do I get lost, or confused, or sleepy? If you have ever asked any of these questions, you are not alone. You just need some good friends to engage the Bible with you!! Join Karla, Alice & Juli in this engaging, fun (we promise!), interactive group where we will answer a few of your questions and practice ways of reading and interacting with the Bible.

Need More Information?

Contact Karla Chestnut at kchestnut@orchardhillchurch.org or (319) 266-9796