The True Story of Christmas

Thursday, December 1, 2022 @ 1:30 PM
All Campuses | CF Campus, Commons


"Most of us find that the hectic pace of the Christmas season can actually pull us away from focusing on the birth of Jesus. In this two part presentation, Ed will begin by making sure our understanding of the events surrounding the birth of Christ actually comes from the accounts in the Bible and not from Christmas specials on TV or even from some Christmas carols. Then, Sally will take us on a virtual trip to Israel to see the places where the events surrounding the birth of Jesus occurred and we'll also take a look back at what life would have been like in the time and culture into which Jesus was born." Coffee and Christmas cookies will be served. All are welcome! To help us prepare, please sign up in the Rt55 Binder at the Welcome Desk or RSVP by email to

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