Cup of Cold Water

Grundy County Campus | Welcome Center


Pick up a cup, fill it with spare change and return to Orchard Hill.

One of the marks of followers of Jesus at Orchard is Love For our Neighbors, and one of the ways we do that is through Cup of Cold Water. This special fund shows love and encouragement to people in times of need or facing challenges. While the fund doesn't cover entire bills, it does provide an encouraging gift that expresses our church's love and care for our neighbors and friends.

We want to raise awareness of this ministry that has been impacting lives for over twenty years and invite you to be part of it by giving a special gift to Cup of Cold Water. Jesus asked us to do something when we see someone who is hungry, thirsty, or experiencing other challenges. An easy way for you to do this is to visit the Welcome Center and take a Cup of Cold Water cup home. Fill it with change and bring it back as soon as you can, knowing 100% of your money will go to bless and encourage someone in need. Or feel free to give anytime to Cup of Cold Water fund by putting a check in the offering with Cup of Cold Water in the memo or via Specials on PushPay. If you are curious for more information about how Cup of Cold Water works, please contact Kris Hoskinson. 

Need More Information?

Contact Kris Hoskinson at or (319) 266-9796