The Journey: Biblical Foundations

Cedar Falls Campus | Room 150/152 | $75.00

Registration closed on Wednesday, Oct 4


This is Part 1 of The Journey

The journey of faith is the greatest journey that can be undertaken and brings joy & fulfillment to those who make it. But it’s also difficult, challenging, and perplexing. 

Where are you in your spiritual journey?

What are you building your life upon? 

Is your faith being built on a firm foundation?

Join us for this 7-week group conversation that will help you better understand & appreciate the importance of building our lives on a strong foundation. We’ll think about the critical role that Scripture plays in our growth. We will also talk about what God is up to in the world and how that good work can shape our character.

We recommend that all participants have access to a manual, which costs $75.00. Couples can share resources if they choose.

Need More Information?

Contact Doug Tensen at or (319) 266-9796