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Jesus changed the world as we know it by launching a movement with a simple invitation, “Come and follow me.” He made a lot of promises to those who accepted the invitation, the promise of abundant life, purpose, help in times of trouble… But he also said some pretty demanding things. To follow someone implies that there is a leader, and the followers do things like their leader. Jesus said you will be able to recognize my followers by the way they love one another.

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Upcoming Teaching Schedule

September 29

Community Center: Doug Tensen
Sanctuary: Alice Shirey
Grundy County: Jeff Mickey
Waverly: Dave Bartlett

October 6

Community Center: Dave Bartlett
Sanctuary: Alice Shirey
Grundy County: Brian Steenhoek
Waverly: Doug Tensen

October 13

Community Center: Alice Shirey
Sanctuary: Dave Bartlett
Grundy County: Karla Chestnut
Waverly: Brian Steenhoek

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