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Watch the live stream of our Cedar Falls Campus every Sunday morning at 9:00 & 10:30am.

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Join us for our summer series as we retell the stories of the Old Testament with a new perspective! Whether you remember these stories from childhood Sunday school felt boards or are hearing them for the first time, you'll discover that these ancient narratives are filled with wisdom and relevance for our lives today. Every story points to Jesus, and together, we'll explore how God reveals the Gospel of Jesus throughout all of Scripture, starting with these timeless Old Testament stories.

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Teaching Schedule

July 28, 2024:
CF & Live Stream: Doug Tensen
Grundy County: Tyler Ruane
Waverly: Chris Henely
August 4, 2024:
CF & Live Stream: Brian Steenhoek
Grundy County: Doug Tensen
Waverly: Tyler Ruane
August 11, 2024:
CF & Live Stream: Chris Henely
Grundy County: Ben Fienup
Waverly: Doug Tensen

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