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Becoming Builders

Community is vital to individual and corporate health. Community is not an event, activity, application point, or something we need to do in order to get into heaven. Rather, it is one of the very best contexts in which all activities, application, and spiritual growth happens. So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. One of OHC’s top values is that we are better together. People matter to God, and because they matter to God, they matter to us. All people. And they matter to God all the time. One of our top strategies of how we grow our faith is through belonging in community. Sharing life with others is critical to our spiritual growth. We grow together. We learn together. We struggle together. We are better together. God called this the Church, his family.

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Teaching Schedule

January 29, 2023:
CF & Live Stream: Rendi Scholten
Grundy County: Tyler Ruane
Waverly: Dave Bartlett
February 5, 2023:
CF & Live Stream: Dave Bartlett
Grundy County: Brian Steenhoek
Waverly: Stef Rohler

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