Current Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

7/19/2024 (Update)—Bonnie Mitchell's colonoscopy was completed without the need for surgery. They found precancerous cells, but everything was benign. Bonnie would like to thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

7/19/2024 (Update)—Dottie Rewerts will be released from the hospital today, following surgery on July 15th. She will see 2 doctors next week in Grundy Center for follow up. Please continue to pray for Dottie's recovery. Dottie and Noel thank you for your prayers.

7/10/2024 —Prayers are being requested for the family of Elna Dieken as they prepare for her Celebration of Life on July 20th. The celebration will begin at 2 p.m. at Lincoln Center Church, 18901 Q Ave. in Grundy Center. Family and friends are encouraged to come and share stories at this time. Following the celebration will be a graveside service. As you pray for the family in preparation for this day, please also share the word of Elna's Celebration of Life with family and friends.

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