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Prayer Requests

1/24/2023 —Jace Rea broke his collarbone and will be having surgery on Wednesday, January 25. Pray for a successful surgery and a quick recovery.

1/18/2023 —Chris Ollendieck's brother, Lonnie, passed away this afternoon peacefully at home, after a long struggle with cancer. Please pray for his wife, Mindy, and their whole family as they prepare to celebrate Lonnie's life.

1/17/2023 (Update)—Boots Willett is home after being hospitalized for several weeks with heart-related issues. She has lots of restrictions, but is able to get around with the aid of a cane. Her daughter from Washington is staying with her until the end of the month. Boots is thankful she can let go of things and let the Lord lead. Please pray for Boots as she continues her recovery.

1/17/2023 (Update)—We are so grateful for all the kindness we've received from so many after we lost our home to a fire on Dec. 23. We're thankful for the prayers, meals, cards, messages and gifts. Thank you, Orchard Hill Church, for being such an encouragement to us. Deb is healing well from her burns. We have lots of decisions to make about the future, most of which will take some time. We appreciate your continued prayers. With much love, Doug & Deb Tensen.

1/16/2023 —I am so grateful for your kindness helping me celebrate my God-given 100th birthday. I trust that God will give you a blessed 2023 as the year unfolds according to His plans. You are all very special to me. With joy and gratitude - Ida Frey

1/13/2023 (Update)—Sarah Rueber thanks everyone for all of the messages and encouragement since her foot surgery last week. The surgery went well, and her doctor was happy with her progress at her post-op appointment.

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