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Prayer Requests

9/25/2023 —Please pray for Jack McDowell, the husband of Lynn McDowell who leads a women's Bible study on Mondays at Orchard. Jack is having open heart surgery this morning, triple by-pass, maybe more. Please lift Jack and Lynn up this morning as they walk through this. Pray also for their care team and for the best possible outcome.

9/22/2023 —Sending a praise prayer for our church supporting the ministry of Care and Connect. These blessed young ladies who are currently guiding this ministry have allowed Rochelle Dolan and her elderly mother; in kindness and grace; adjust to her mother’s failing health while downsizing her enormous household to Assisted Living in a much smaller apartment. In turn, they have used this ministry to bless a new family to our community in desperate need of household items. It is truly a God picture of the scripture in Genesis reminding God’s people that we are blessed to be a blessing to others.

9/21/2023 (Update)—Please continue to pray for Darrell Lindaman. He has had continued nerve pain in his hip, hoping chiropractic treatments will help, but having a pain injection this coming Tuesday to help relieve the pain for now. He will also have retina surgery October 19th in Duluth. He has continued to have minimal eyesight in his right eye. He also continues to battle the loss of taste and smell. Please pray for healing, relief from pain and just an overall presence of peace and that he is on the right journey to healing. Thankful for our church family.

9/20/2023 —Steve and Doris Heerts would like us to pray for their daughter in law, Anna. Anna has been battling Leukemia and has just checked into the University of Minnesota to undergo a stem cell transplant. This is a very difficult and long process involving isolation from loved ones and grueling medical procedures. Anna began the process of preparing her body to receive the transplant yesterday. She does have a donor that is a 100% match. The actual transplant is scheduled for September 26th. Please pray for Anna as she endures this difficult procedure. Pray for the medical staff caring for her and for complete success. Also pray for her family, Tim, Andrew and Hannah Heerts and for the Blatz family as they support her through this season.

9/14/2023 (Update)—Jon Hansen is continuing to recover at home after being hospitalized from a blood infection and is dealing with severe fatigue. He asks his church friends to continue to pray for his recovery and that he will feel more energized each day.

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