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Prayer Requests

11/24/2020 —Please pray for Susan M Shafer. She is in the hospital in Grundy Center with pneumonia in both lungs. She has been tested for Covid 19, but they don't know the results yet. She is very tired and lethargic and her oxygen level was at 88%. Also, please pray for her husband, Thomas; that he doesn't get worn down and need to be hospitalized also.

11/24/2020 —Please pray for Deb Alberts' mom, Eunice Frey. She recently tested positive for Covid; she is 89 years old. So far, she has had only mild symptoms. Eunice will undergo Covid Infusion Therapy tomorrow at Grundy Center Hospital. Pray she gets through it and that the treatment will help her recover.

11/24/2020 —Laura & Joel Meyers are asking for your prayers. "Our son and daughter-in-law are expecting our 1st grandchild. We were with them until yesterday in North Carolina where he is an Army Captain stationed at Ft Bragg. Our son called today; our daughter-in-law, Thanri's, water broke this morning. Because of Covid, he can't be with her. They are moving her to a Level 3 NICU hospital but will take her to Duke, a Level 4, if needed. We're praying that they can stop labor and that little Ezza Mae and Thanri will be healthy. Praying that Andy is strong and ok while he waits. They just moved there 3 weeks ago so are alone."

11/23/2020 —Walt, Shirley, Kathy Lamprecht and Robert Nachtman would like to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts after the loss of Walt's dad, Leon.

11/21/2020 —Please pray for Wayne (and Judy) Eilers who underwent surgery this week for blockages in his heart. He is doing well and recovering at home, but will have two more stents put in about 4 weeks.

11/19/2020 —Please pray for our ministry partners in Haiti, United Christians International. Due to tight funding during COVID-19, they had to discontinue their lunch program so they could pay for all the other school needs (every kid who attends school eats one meal a day at school). Kristie was feeding a spoonful of peanut butter to the most hungry, vulnerable children. They sent this prayer request and need to their partners, including OHC, and God has been providing funds for food until Jan of 2021 from people cheering on UCI. OHC sent some funding from our Mission budget- thanks to the generous people of OHC. Pray that more funds will come in for food for 2021.

11/19/2020 —Karen Gerholdt would like prayer for her son-in-law’s grandfather, Maynard Reynolds. He is in his 90’s, and has fallen and broken his hip. He needs surgery, but isn’t stable enough yet, and has been placed on a ventilator. Also, please pray for Thelma, his wife. They love our Lord and have served him faithfully. Prayer for strength, His healing and presence.

11/19/2020 —Please pray for John Rourke, the brother of Patti Shultz. John is hopitalized with COVID-19 and not doing well. Please lift up John and his family. Also, please continue to pray for Patti. She is still in the hospital due to COVID and is doing better.

11/19/2020 (Update)—Please pray for Duane Alberts as he will begin radiation soon as follow up treatment from vocal cord surgery in October. In January doctors plan to remove a benign tumor from behind his ear to prevent possible cancer in the future. Please pray for Duane, Deb and the medical staff.

11/16/2020 —Jill and Chad Smith's son, Tyler, had a bone marrow transplant 75 days ago to treat his aplastic anemia. Tyler has been readmitted to the hospital due to an viral infection, possibly mono. Please pray that his new bone marrow would be able to fight this virus and not have further complications.

11/16/2020 —Lisa Van Allen has been in a severe pain flare from CRPS for several days. Please pray for relief from the contorting spasms and migraines. Thank you.

11/15/2020 (Update)—Lisa Ollendieck's father, Ray Tessau, passed away on Friday, November 13. Visitation will be Tuesday, November 17, 5-7 at Abels Funeral Home in Wellsburg with services at Wellsburg Reformed Church on Wednesday, November 18 at 10:30 am. Please pray for the family during this difficult time.

11/14/2020 —Please pray for Lori Seawel's brother, who tested positive for COVID, as well as multiple family members who have been exposed, including her mom (87) and dad (92). Prayers are greatly appreciated for all of them.

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