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Prayer Requests

8/19/2019 (Update)—Thanks you for your prayers for Suzi Wikner's nephew, Buddy. His condition has stabilized, bleeding has stopped and doctors do not think he will need surgery right now. Buddy still remains a very high risk patient should the bleeding start again. Please pray for continued physical healing and especially for deliverance from his battle with alcoholism.

8/19/2019 —Dawn Keagle passed away Sunday morning following a long battle with cancer. There will be a visitation on Friday, August 23rd from 4-7 pm at Orchard Hill Church in the Sanctuary. The funeral service will be Saturday at 11 am with visitation from 9-11, also at Orchard. Please pray for Dan, Caleb, Lucas, Gabe and all family members as they prepare to celebrate Dawn's life.

8/19/2019 —Please pray for Oliver Schmitt. He is the 4 year old son of Bill & Erika Schmitt. He will be starting chemotherapy on Friday, August 23rd to treat brain cancer. He will be going through 15 months of chemo and then doctors will reassess. Pray this treatment will be successful and pray for Bill, Erika and little brother, Henrik as they walk through this time together.

8/12/2019 —Alicia Hurmence wants to thank you for prayers for her brother's heart surgery. He had a triple bypass this past Friday and is recovering well!

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