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Prayer Requests

2/25/2024 —Please pray for Lilli, the daughter of Joel and Laura Meyers. Lilli had thyroid cancer surgery in May. She has been experiencing pain and symptoms of her cancer returning. She has a mass on an ovary and it is growing quickly. She will be having tests this week and we're asking for prayers of a miracle that the mass is benign, that doctors will be amazing, and that our sweet daughter will be strong and brave as she goes through this week and whatever the week brings. Thank you for any and all prayers.

2/25/2024 (Update)—Barry Whitehill is back at home! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

2/23/2024 —Prayers are being requested for Abby Claussen, granddaughter of Rochelle Dolan. Abby is 8 months pregnant and in medical crisis due to blood pressure. The doctors are likely going to deliver the baby today. Prayers are being requested for Abby, the baby, and the family.

2/20/2024 —Please pray for six-year-old McKenna Neirmeyer of Wellsburg. After a brief illness, she was life flighted to the University of Iowa PICU last night and is fighting for her life. Please pray for complete healing and for all the hands that are working to find a solution.

2/16/2024 (Update)—Lennon Swangel, the newborn daughter of Austin and Brianna Swangel, is home after being hospitalized when they noticed some concerns with her breathing. Please continue to pray for Lennon and her family.

2/16/2024 —Please be praying for Patrick Oehler’s sister who is waiting for the test results of a mass on her kidney. Please pray that it will just require removal and that there would be no further issues.

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