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Prayer Requests

8/10/2020 (Update)—Ted and Linda Hamer would like to thank everyone for their prayers over Ted's recent surgery. It went well and Ted has had very little pain. The pathology showed no cancer anywhere, even in the lymph node that had it in May. Praise God for this wonderful news.

8/7/2020 (Update)—Lois Rewerts, Troy Rewerts' mom, passed away Friday. The family mourns her loss but is thankful she is now without pain. Thank you for your continued prayers.

8/6/2020 —Roger and Mary Gast's son, Scott, finished chemo July 15th. His PET SCAN showed that there is no active cancer and he is in remission. He will now have 3 weeks of radiation to kill any cancer that didn’t show up on the scan. Thank all of you who prayed for him. We are most grateful.

8/6/2020 —Please pray for Alicia Hurmence's brother, Kurtis. He had hernia surgery in Sioux Falls on Monday. He was released Tuesday and has been in some pain and uncomfortable. Thursday he went to the ER for shortness of breath and fever. Through testing it is believed his bowel was knicked during surgery. He is being transported back to Sioux Falls for another surgery. Please pray he seeks God during this, for the wisdom of his doctors, and for his recovery and healing.

8/5/2020 —Please pray a prayer of thanks for God’s faithful servant Nancy Brockman, Cliff Brockman’s mother. She lived in Cedar Falls and died August 4th. She was a long time member at Nazareth. She was much loved and will be missed.

8/5/2020 —Please pray for Rick Clemons from Eldora. He has Myelodysplastic Syndromes [MDS] that has progressed & he has restarted chemotherapy treatments.

8/4/2020 —Please pray for Larry Mino's daughter, Kim Johnson, who will be undergoing a round of exams and tests. Kim is a cancer survivor but concerned it may be a re-occurrence. Please pray it's not cancer and that her body will be fully restored.

8/3/2020 —Chuck Hurt had a serious bicycle accident on July 30 and was taken by ambulance to UIHC with two broken vertebrae and fractures of his face and shoulder. Chuck is now recovering at home. Please pray for pain control and healing. Also, praise God that the UIHC examined his eyes and they seem to be fine.

8/3/2020 —Gene Shultz's mother, Marilyn Shipp is in advanced stages of Alzheimers and she fell and cracked her hip for the second time this year. Please pray for comfort for Marilyn, her husband as well as the family during this time.

7/31/2020 —Andrew Voss was in a biking accident on Wednesday, 7/29 . He suffered a concussion and broken jaw. He had surgery on Thursday in Iowa City to repair his jaw, which went well. He hopes to be home by the weekend. Please pray for Andrew’s recovery, for his wife, Kelly, and their three young children.

7/29/2020 (Update)—Please join Tyler Smith and his family in praising God that a bone marrow match has been found! Tyler’s sister Megan is a perfect match. The Smiths are thankful to God and to all those who have been praying for Tyler. More specific information about Tyler’s next steps can be found on Tyler’s Caring Bridge Page:

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