Current Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

11/11/2019 (Update)—Thank you for all of the prayers for Steve Kelly. The surgery went well and the BEST news is NO CANCER!!! He is feeling good.

11/8/2019 —Chuck Morris was just diagnosed with lung cancer. Prayers are requested for him and his wife Laurie. Please pray that the doctors involved are able to treat & that the treatment is successful. Thank you!

11/8/2019 —Maryann Bolhuis fell at home Thursday (Nov. 7th) breaking both her left wrist and hip. Surgery for both is planned for Friday, Nov. 8th at Unity Point Hospital in Waterloo

11/7/2019 —Please continue to pray for Ida Fry as she recovers from her skin graft surgery. The surgery on Tuesday went as expected and she is now home. It will be a difficult and painful recovery.

11/5/2019 (Update)—Please continue to pray for Bob Gudahl as he recovers from knee surgery. He has been having some bleeding which has slowed his recovery.

11/3/2019 (Update)—Mike Kraayenbrink, father of Andrew (Lexy) Kraayenbrink passed away at his home on Saturday, November 2 in Sibley, IA. Thank you for your prayers.

11/3/2019 —Brian Bonner will be having his left hip replaced in Iowa City on Tuesday, November 5. He will be having the right hip replaced a few months after the recovery of the left hip. Please keep both Brian and his family in your prayers. Thank you.

10/28/2019 —Jim Clements has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Pray the doctors have chosen the right treatment and for Jim's patience during radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

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