March, 2021

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Eternal Today

As Christians we follow a living, resurrected Christ. This is at the very core of our faith. Not only that, Jesus was God incarnate; not only that Jesus died on a cross as the Lamb of God for the sins of the world; but that this same Jesus who was crucified, rose from the grave, appeared to his disciples and, according to the Scriptures, almost 500 more people.

Many of us have been taught that the resurrection should mostly influence how we think about life after death. 

But what if Jesus’ resurrection - and the hope of our resurrection - is meant to influence and inform how we live every day of our lives now?

And what if resurrection doesn’t solely have to do with me and my body after death, but with all things? With the renewal and the restoration of all things?

What then? How should we live in light of this stunning truth?

Join us as we ponder what it means to be people of the resurrection.

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