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Child Sponsorship

Sponsor a child in Mozambique or Haiti! This is a great way to impact lives and connect with our international partners.

Sponsor a Child from Mozambique

Orchard Hill Church has been partnering with Food for the Hungry for over ten years. We passionately support Food for the Hungry’s vision and mission, seeking to end ALL forms of human poverty by going into hard places and closely walking with the world’s most vulnerable people. We are able to encourage both individuals and communities through child sponsorship and we send teams on a regular basis to continue to grow relationships with the community and Food for the Hungry leaders. This partnership allows the chance to learn from one another.

A $38 monthly payment ($456 per year) benefits the whole community, providing nutritious food, clean water, medical & dental check-ups, education supplies & uniforms, biblical teaching, church development, and an opportunity for Food for the Hungry staff to share Jesus with the child and his/her family. Sponsors receive a photo of the child they support and get to pray for the child and write and receive letters regularly. If you choose to go on the trip to Mozambique, you could possibly meet your child. Right now, there are around 350 children being sponsored by people from the Orchard Hill Church congregation in this specific Mozambique community. God is doing amazing things through this partnership!


Need more information? Please contact Kris Hoskinson at 

Sponsor a Child from Haiti

If you would like to sponsor a child in Haiti at United Christians International, where Orchard Hill Church partners- $15 a month ($180 a year) provides a child with a quality Christian Education, a school uniform, and a meal each day. The child and their family are connected to the ministry of UCI and this impact flows into many aspects of their lives. You can have a chance to send Christmas gifts, letters, and meet your child if you go on one of our yearly trips to Haiti.

University Student Scholarships
You can also help strengthen Haiti by equipping national leaders through higher education, the opportunity to learn will change the future of Haiti's leadership.
*$1080/yr: Theology Student (4 years)
*$1200/yr: Agriculture Science Student (5 years)
*$1200/yr: Nursing Student (4 years)
*$1600/yr: Medical Student (7 years)
*$500/yr: Elementary Education Degree (3 years)
* One semester scholarships are welcome

If you would like to sponsor in Haiti, please contact Diane Oehler,

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