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Meals on Wheels

Orchard Hill is assigned to serve meals every FRIDAY during the months of FEB, MAY, AUG, NOV. Start at Grundy Community Center. It takes about 20 minutes.

A team of 2 is helpful and more fun with a friend!

Basic delivery duties are:

  • Pick up Delivery bags with empty dishes at the Community Center, 705 F Ave at 11:20 am.
  • Drive to Grundy Memorial Hospital, Entrance 1.
  • Return Delivery bags to kitchen.
  • Pick up New Delivery Bags with Meals in them. Drive them back to the Community Center.
  • You are responsible for finding your own sub/switching schedule as needed.

Opportunity Details:

Preference Area:
Available at: Grundy County Campus

Connect with this Serving Opportunity

To connect with this team or find out more information about serving with this team, please complete the form below. This request will be directed to the Campus point person and they will follow up with you.